Monday, January 5, 2009


HELLO EVERYBODY! HAO JIU BU JIAN.cecehh..(the direct translation is 'long time no see').

I would like to say..

I have not been able to update because:

1. I was working part time last month. Full day, 11hrs for the whole month.

I know.

2. When school re-opened, I only got to use the laptop for 2-3 times only. Catching up with my friends and other blogs, also busy doing my assignment. Then the laptop started to shut down by itself. Repair works took about a week and a half.

3. And so it costs me RM230. Only to find out later that Hanis the Hasni brought my Maxis Broadband to her beloved UiTM Segamat.

4. Waiting for Streamyx line to be installed in my house took nearly forever.

Oklah, for this entry I just wanted to share my experiences doing part time job. I worked in Joan&David in Pavillion KL for about 3 days, later I was transferred to Bangsar Shopping Centre because they had a 'branded sale' sort of thing. So there I was, in one of the 3 Designer Outlets. There were brands like Island Shop, FCUK, BCBG Maxazria, Miss Sixty and Energy. In my outlet were Joan&David, EQ:IQ, Nine West, and Easy Spirit, with additional non-designer brands like Valentino Creations( shoes), Je Taime (clothes) and Jojo (sunglasses).
The air conditioning system in the outlet was extremely cold I had to wear my huge Bathing Ape sweater that made me look nothing near like those high-end fashion brand boutique assistant. Oh I even had a magnetic tag reads PROMOTER.


Ok enough about me and the store, lets go to the customer. From my observation, customers in Pavillion are majority filthy rich people that buys a RM3200 winter coat for her daughter’s tutor (yes, i really mean HER DAUGHTER'S TUTOR!) and a RM1300 pair of shoe for her neighbour (again, her NEIGHBOUR). (Ok, this was my customer =]). But in Bangsar, You can see a clear mixture of society. From the filthy rich (minority), to celebrities, to middle working class (majority), to the umm..lower working class? Not to forget the poor acting rich.

From the mixture, there will always be the annoying and confused customer.


An Indian male came into the store .He doesn’t look like he shops.
Ok straight to the point lah..he looked like the lower working class person. He looked like a security guard whom just ended his shift and decided to mingle around the mall. (macam rasa jahat pulak cakap camtu..=p)

And so he browsed around the store and suddenly looked very closely at the Nine West shoes. Then he later went to the cashier and asked “ Is that Nine West original?” (Is there even fake Nine West??) The cashier replied “Yes”. He then said with a curious face “Then why is it so cheap?”. (RM169 a pair is cheap? He should go to Vincci). “Because this is a clearance sale.” Replied the cashier. So the man said “Oh.” And went out of the store and never been seen again. Did somebody told him Nine West shoes are so expensive that even after 80% discounts the price can never go as low as that? Did he missed anything? Or maybe he just wanted to show that he knows. Annoying.


Remember when I told you that there were also non-designer brands? Ok, Valentino Creations' promotion was 50% discount storewide. So there were shoes priced as low as RM 39.95 and 44.95. A married couple (I guess) came in, and the lady started browsing around.

Lady: Are all of these designer's?

Liana the PROMOTER: No, only this part is designer's (while poiting at the Joan & David and EQ:IQ stuffs), and this part is not (pointing at Valentino Creations' collections).

Then, she took a pair of Joan & David's and looked at the price.

Lady: RM1300?

Liana the PROMOTER: Yes, this is made in Italy.

She later took a pair of Valentino Creations shoes and asked me " How much?".

Liana the PROMOTER: RM44.95.

Lady: Is this the international Valentino?

Liana the PROMOTER: Do you mean Valentino the famous gown designer? No.

Later the husband suddenly said " This is Malaysian Valentino lah.."

Liana the PROMOTER: Umm..yeah (I'm not sure myself :p) anyway, these are all made in Thailand.

Lady: Is this designer's? (while holding the same shoe and began putting them on).

Liana the PROMOTER: (for god's sake they're not!) No.

Lady: (suddenly raised her voice) Thats what I asked you just now! Which one is the designer's?!

Liana the PROMOTER: I said just now, only this part is the designer's (pointing at the Joan & David and EQ:IQ stuffs), and this part is not (pointing at Valentino Creations collections).Thats why, that shoe is RM1300 a pair, and this one is only RM44.95. Because that shoe is designer's and this one is not. ( who cares if you are the customer, I have the right to raise my voice too! Luckily my supervisor wasn't around, if not, surely I kena marah punya :p)

The Husband: Haiyaa..RM44.95 only, of course lah local Valentino. (whoaa..the husband suddenly back me up).

Suddenly the lady puts the shoe back and went out of the store mumbling something The husband followed her out. Raised his hand and smiled at me. His smile meant " Sorry my wife just woke up from her afternoon nap, that she was confused as a mouse" (Are you sure she's not drunk?)

Ok cukuplah 2 customer. Actually there are a few more, but these 2 are the most memorable Hahahh.

Baru jadi promoter dah teruji kesabaran, kalau jadi cikgu macam mana? Mesti selalu visit cikgu kaunseling :p


Hanis Zalikha said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. mamat tuh kalau gi vincci sure mati terkejut.

yanie said...

Hi, lama tak update ek? good to see this entry, customer memang macam tuh, i pon penah keje part time macam you mase study dulu, now dah kerja betul2, and if i go shopping, i takkan buat aksi macam yg u mentioned ni lah, coz i know promoter pun pandai kan? Kdg2 customer memang annoying!

.:rainbeau:. said...

ok,skrg rasa mcm nak menangis!bla nye sale gle sampai 169 jek ninewest ni?harus membeli kasut hantaran kalau rega tgh murah camni...haish!!telambat.

eleh,poyo je kata sgt murah,kata jek la tak ckp duit nak beli.cissss~

zaliarina said...

In my opinion pulak kan Liana..

I always get pissed off by promoter yg selalu usha pelik cam kita tak mampu nak beli brg..even browsing ar kan..mostly malay promoter..memilih customer..tgk gaya jalan cam mak datin baru nak konfiden..kalo pakai suar katok and t shirt lusuh pandang sinis..

i hope and im sure you are not one of them..

anyway,happy blogging!

Liana Ezzana said...

Hanis Zalikha: Vincci yang longgok2 yang 1 pair RM15 tuh..nak ckp yang tuh pun fake ke??

yanie: I time keje ni pun secara automatik phm nasib2 promoter yg menghadapi kerenah customer yg macam sgt taknak buat aksi2 yg menyampahkan time shopping..contohnya, ambil baju sampai 10 helai..lepas try 2-3, dah taknak try dah..dah la tak beli, kua kedai tak cakap TQ pun..(ok, ni slh 1 customer yg I layan jugak) :p

.:rainbeau:.Oh masa bulan December rituh kat bangsar..tapi Nine west pny counter tutup awal, sebab tak laku sgt..sebabnya...cuma ada 6 design jek..takpe2 tak rugi sgt pun..:p

zaliarina: I pun agak menyampah ngn promoter yang pilih2 customer ni..syukur I'm not one of them..
even ada yang butik mahal2 tu kan..kalau nampak macam orang biasa je, dorg taknak bukak kan pintu..hmm, dorg ingat dorg siapa nak treat people like that?

ndlaw said...

talking about vincci.
yesterday i beli jam tangan vincci kat BB.
cantik jugak bila di pakai. bulan depan beli lagi. hahaha

Modandi said...

hihi funny!

Anonymous said...

Kami tak suka promoter yg pilih bulu..sepatutnya promoter kene layan saksama..hak pengguna nak beli ataupun tidak yg penting kita layan baik..itu tugas kita sebagai promoter lainlah kalau kita pemilik butik.kadang2 dr nak jadik beli..terus tak jadik disebabkan sikap double standard promoter. meluat..harap anda bukan salah seorang dr promoter yg pilih bulu itu..

Acat said...

baper price range yg masuk dalam category mahal ni?

ke ikut budget sendiri?

pernah gak beli nine west untuk my wife tapi masa sale aje laa kan.

kasut ribu riban tapi pakai kat kaki jugak eh.

harapnya comfortable je la. hehe if not. dah la mahal. makan kaki plak.

Liana Ezzana said...

ndlaw: Vincci punya design not bad kan..kamu dah cakap macam ni..saya rasa nak beli jugaklah :)

Modandi: hihi..

Anonymous: So pemilik butik boleh double standard?
Em, alhamdulillah saya tidak double standard ketika melayan customer :)Boleh juga refer respond saya di atas :)

Acat:Hmm..mahal tak mahal memanglah ikut kemampuan masing2. Tapi pada pendapat saya lah, mungkin kita boleh ukur mengikut kemampuan orang kebanyakkan (majority).
Em, so far memang terbukti kasut mahal memang selesa dipakai..(tapi mahal sebab brand and quality lah, kalau mahal sebab lain.itu no komen :p)Tapi kasut yang murah pun ada jugak yang selesa..depends on the material and workmanship lah.

NIMI♥ Co. said...

ahahha..the customer so annoying..takpe takpe sabar ye k.liana..hehe!!

p/s: sggh ku tak mampu lagi beli kasut ribu2an tu..k.liyana!!belanja!
(sapa saya nk suwuh blanje??hahah..sengal!)

Liana Ezzana said...

NIMI♥ Co.: Memang sabar pun..tapi tahap kesabaran dah nak cecah tahap naik hangin..:p
nak blanje kasut ye..dik, kalau I tokey kasut ribuanriban tuh..baru kita boleh duduk berbincang..ngehngeh..

Anonymous said...

i dont think that mamat guard tu nak tunjuk die tau ke apa..mebe die we all know 9west kan slalunye over 300 somthin.Me myself pun terkejut dgr 100 lebih ,at least cheaper than actual price...slalu g nine west kat klcc n pavillion,tapi xde price tag...nak tanya segan,apatah lagi mase tu pakai baju biasa2 aje,segan nak tanye..huhu

2nd story,mmg nampak la berlagak..huhu

kla.good luck in what ever you do..

jasmi said...

ya allah. build up ke-tension-an bile baca post ni. kalau keje part-time nih mmg mcm2. my colleague dulu, dpn i sweet aje. kitorg keje based on commission. jd every receipt kena tulis sape yg jual. 1hari tuh i found out dat receipt i sumer tulis name die. ape lg, naik angin la!!

Liana Ezzana said...

Anonymous: Mungkin jugaklah dia terkejut..tapi sebab sale kan masa harga 100+ tu kira logik la..tak la sampai nak kata 9west fake kan..anyway thank u..good luck to you to.

jasmi:wah nampaknya saya berjaya release kan tension saya..sebab tertransfer kat awak pulak.hihi :p
anyway, I pun ada colleague yg lebih kurang macam tuh jugak..she took my bill I xdptla komisyen I. (Nak naik angin pun takleh sebab dia dah pindah)Takpelah..maybe bukan rezeki I, and biar tuhan je balas perbuatan dia.

Anonymous said...

nine wests' price range dia rm300-500 je.. standard mcm guess. and yes, rm169 tu mmg murah.. he just made sure of it lah kot sbb brg imitations mmg sgt byk now

i hate those imitations. xsuka tgk fake LV n coach skrg sgt byk. eeewww..

syazelle said...

liyana ezzana!!
years tak jumpe n suddenly bole jumpe in virtual world kan (thru Hanis' blog).

ingat aku lagi tak??
Jaja your neighbor satu ketika dulu?
i'm so excited Ok..
how are you?
jahat gile entry pasal macik kasut ni ye..
wth, suke ati la kan..

if u got sometime we could chat..


nazminabdullah said...

tapi semalam hang jadi cikgu disiplin.

joegrimjow said...

heehee, quite funny n i fink u r very gud in story telling. update more, juz link u. hurm, may b i can learn from u more about branded stuff, dun fancy wit it, choose branded item make me fat tab!!

Zeela LaLaLa said...

kalau keje kat vincci lagi menyayat hati.
u xkan ada masa nak pg toilet.
store kasut tinggi2. nak guna tangga tak payah. kimslm je...
baik panjat rak2 kasut.
tp bila kelam kabut& kasut dlm store jatuh gedebuk gedebuk gedebang dari atas ke bawah akan rasa mcm nak mati.
oh..penat kan jadi promoter?

Liana Ezzana said...

Anonymous: pernah jugak i jumpa kasut guess harga rm90 time sale..takdelah nak cakap fake pulak..imitations memang menjengkelkan..

syazelle: Hai jaja! my parents went to your house just recently..taktaulah u ada ke tak masa tuh..ahaha..
I ada jugak chat dgn ijat thru myspace..tapi skrang dah jarang bukak myspace so boleh je emel kat i :)

nazminabdullah: jadi cikgu disiplin kat bilik mesyuarat ja..

joegrimjow: Oh tenkiu..thanks for linking me :p Haha branded stuff? sikit2 boleh la..:p

Zeela LaLaLa: Oh really? Hmm tapi memang kalau time sale tu memang haru biru vincci tuh..I pun faham kalau promoter dia lambat cari kasut i :p and yes penat gilerr jadi promoter.sebab tuh emosi terganggu dengan kehadiran customer2 yang memeningkan kepala I.

• ɐɹzɐ • said...

macam kenal.
tapi tak sure.
dulu form 1 sekolah mana?
cam pelik jek soalan.

Sweet Thinker said...

macam2 hal kalo deal ngan manusia nie! same cam gua. cuma gwe meds.

Anonymous said...

liana.. nak lari topik skit.. bila nak bagi resepi nasik goreng sedap..??

Liana Ezzana said...

• ɐɹzɐ •: memang kenal pun wahai azraniah..sekolah menegah kebangsaan seafield!

Sweet Thinker: banyak udang banyak garam, banyak orang banyak ragam.(peribahasa ni betul ke salah terima je ;p)

Anonymous: Nasi goreng la pulak..ok akan dipertimbangkan :B

ekinokunimy said...

yang pakai selekeh ni la yang banyak duit sebenarnye...

dan yang pakai sangat hebat ni pun tak semuanya berduit...

just from my experience...

jangan kecik ati eh~~~

Liana Ezzana said...

ekinokunimy: eh kenapa pulak nak kecil hati? Memang kadang2 macam tuh pun.

kuizikel said...

hheheh.. mcm2 ragam kan.. sronok gak jd promoter ni, tapi mmg menguji kesabaran lah...

keep on writing k... v(^_^)

kueh bakar said...

custo memang banyak ragamm...
sewa dalm pavilion tu bape?
drM selalu pi bakeri dia ker?

Liana Ezzana said...

kuizikel: seronok sebab blh main2 dgn merchandise..bukan saja customer yg menguji kesabaran, kadang2 manager pun boleh tahan gak ;p

kueh bakar: em, tak tahulah pulak sewa dia berapa..I dok dlm kedai dr kedai bukak smpai kedai tutup..keluar utk gi makan n gi toilet je..kesimpulannya belum terserempak lagi dgn Dr M kat theLoaf dia tuh..;p

Anonymous said...

erkkk.. juz wanna add smting.. im 9west lover..
well, that indian boy is sooo true.. it's hard to get 9west at d price.. btw, rm169 tu kire murah okkk!!!.. teramat!!.. that's y he's so shocked... ;)

p/s: don't judge a book by its cover.. ;) sorry ya!!

Liana Ezzana said...

Anonymous: Well, I'm a Guess lover..and I pernah came across kasut Guess rm90 je masa sale. And I'm not that shock sebab tahu tgh sale kan...

Btw, he's not a boy. He's old.

p/s: selalu berazam utk tidak judge a book by its cover. Tetapi sungguh sukar utk tidak judge a book by its cover! sebab kalau nampak orang yang outstanding sikit, mesti terus meneka-neka asal-usul dia la, dia anak no. brapa la..macam2..(saya rasa most people pun macam tu)..
Tetapi mulai hari ini, setiap hari saya akan ckp pada diri sendiri.. "Liana, dont judge a book by its cover". Thanx atas keperihatinan anda.

Macham Iz Punye said...


Anonymous said...

and u know what dear, until now I akan tgk dulu action from that promoters first,before I treat her back.normally promoter b*****g ni org Melayu kite dik.and u dun get me wrong,promoter2 ni patutnya tak pandang bulu,and jgn treat and tgk org tu mcm kaya je,and yg biase diorg tak layan,its not good actually,even kite kaya mcm mana pun,we have to respect each others.that's the problem regarding ths so sorry if I sgt outspoken in ur blog,bcoz I mmg tak suka promoter Melayu.and I knw u bukan mcm tu k dear :)

Anonymous said...

okay i just came across ur blog id and so i read your posts. i love the way u write. it kept me entertained. but as i was reading this entry, i was quite pissed with the way u write about that indian man. u sounded judgmental. but as i go through the comments, i guessed, well, most of them felt that way too. the way u write about the first customer is waaay too much. i dont understand why u consider him as annoying. i have no doubt for the 2nd customer though.

bottom line is, u should never downgrade people. even if he is filthy rich but appeared as a lower working class, or, he is indeed of the lower working class. if he question whether it is original or not, that's his business. maybe he was indeed puzzled with the price.

p/s: do continue writing:)

p/s/s: do u know that 9west in the US is freakingly cheaper. about $20 je you can get one already. compared with Malaysian's store prce, like shit mahal. do come here to shop! :P

Anonymous said...

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