Saturday, October 31, 2009


Holla people!!

Loooongg time no see ya! Been very, very, very busy.

Currently I'm in Rawang undergoing a training program, Graduate Employability Management Scheme-GEMS by Khazanah Nasional Berhad. This program is a government capacity building initiative to equip unemployed graduates with commercially useful skills and experiences that would enhance their employment opportunities. It is part of the RM7 billion stimulus package announced by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Razak to keep the country’s economy ticking. This progamme is based on the Graduate Employability Enhancement (GREEN) Programme which was organized by Khazanah Nasional Berhad (Khazanah) with the support of various Government-linked companies (GLCs). -(ayat copy ngeh3)

In this program, classess are from 8.30am - 5.00pm everyday. There are classess like English for Business Life, Problem Solving, Time Management, Business Appreciation and yadaayadaayadaa-you-know-what. The management tries to implement working life by dividing us into 7 groups of companies. We even have our own PTSE Index! Each companies will of course have their organisation structure, CEO-COO-Finance-Talent Management-blablabla...

and I'm the (drumrolls...)

COO of company 2- Avant Garde Events Sdn Bhd (cewahcewah)

Each company is assigned a task, and will be given an amount of money to do that particular task.

Last week was English Talent Day which was organized by company 4. Me and my beloved friends teamed up for the musical drama.

High School Musical wannabies

The worse part was, we have to implement business english in our musical drama. Business english in musical drama?!! Musical and business are contrary to each other-how-did-they-came-up-with-idea-like-that-pfffftttt..

Lame enough we have only 3 days to come up with storyline, script and practice! I was the scriptwriter; I tried to use bombastic terms in business such as 'credit evaluation', and 'co-sign'. It didn't work.

The simpler the better isn't it? So, I used 'profits', 'franchising' and 'recession'. Nyeh3...Okay, our musical drama is called DREAM.

1st scene; 3 friends were talking bout their dreams in fututre. The 1st one was my dream! I want to open my own cafe selling my mom's cakes!

Tu the middle, moist strawberry chocolate cake..bwahahahah..

And we sang the cupcake song! You're my cuppycake, gumdrops..

Snoogums-boogums you're the apple of my eye.

My friend here is dreaming about travelling around the world..and we sang Leaving on a Jet Plane!

He introduced Malaysia to a Chinese in Beijing..and we danced to joget Pahang..melenggang ala lenggang si tari lenggang~

My friend Maz, dreamt about owning a boutique. 2 girls in crown was the mannequin..teeheehee..

Suddenly a lady came and tried a scarf, she was so gorgeous we had to sing to Uptown Girl...bwahahahh..

At the end of the day, we decided if we work hard enough we will accomplish our dreams. Standing In The Eyes of The World~

And we won.

I guess we're not so bad after all.


p/s: Our company on the other hand, will be handing the upcoming project. GEMS Big Bang Carnival! Do come to our carnival and bring everybody!! There will be band performances, fashion shows, blood drive, booths, mini book fair and street soccer! 8th Nov 09, Tasik Titiwangsa KL, 8am-6pm. C ya!


Hanis Zalikha said...

Pergh best woh. Tak terkata. Tengok gambar dan baca caption dah macam terbayang-bayang Uptowngirldoodoodoooshesbeenlivingintheuptonwworlddooodoodoo. Bahah. Leader yang baik sahaja boleh memenangkan groupnya! Hebat!

lily lotus said...

dear, congrates on ur graduation ;)

rapheydhillo said...

1st time comment kat sini.. nanti mintak placement kat which company? Kat my office dulu ada 2 GREEN trainees.

Black said...

is rawang ada story2 hantu tak?? ehe...

Jismin Yusoff said...


Group kamu punya history yg sama dgn kitorang. I was from Green IV (or was it v).

We won the English Day performance, we presented it masa Dinner. I was the director, the lead singer. We did The Sound Of Music, with boats and umbrellas and postman and the lake altogether. Bwahaha. But i xde masa dinner coz i received a better offer.

And in the end, we organized the big Carnival and won the best group title.


So, I'll pray that ur group will follow ours success.

Btw, kitorang dulu kt DP.

thoyol said...


i believe I was one of the judges during your Talent Day.

The so called HR from Manpower.Haha..

Nice event by the way and the GEMS definitely boosted up my lil bro confident to speak in English. He is the CEO for the Spicy company, i think.

мyΞ'™ said...

omg, gems! talent day best! and i was GEMS STC 01 in JOhor!

hajar hazizi said...

o..liana pun join GEMS ker..rasa nyer u batch selepas join GREEN (nama b4 GEMS)..satu2 nyer group yg buat kat resort tak silap..sbb join venture dengan Iskandar Malaysia...tapi best kan program nih?heheheh

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